There are two options in the hole size. The small/standard size capable of styling all hair lengths, however will work better to create tighter twist or coils on shorter hair. The large holes are better for long and large afros, however it will make the coils and curls looser and bigger.



  • The Twist is has been NuDred’s top seller for 6 years.
  • Can be used as a daily moisturizer.
  • Of the four moisturizers the Twist I.T. the tackiest in consistency, thus providing more hold for curls definition while keeping soft hair, restored and manageable.
  • Will give a natural sheen.
  • Twist I.T is definitely the best choice for thick coarse hair.


For coarse hair, however keep in mind that there is a crossover and a matter of preference, because someone with a softer grade may just simply prefer the Moisturize I.T. and it will still give them more definition to their curl pattern. The Moisturizer has the same base ingredients as the Twist I.T. with less holding power.


  • Is a Leave in conditioner as well as a pre-style formula that focuses on the health of the scalp.
  • Contain ingredient that promote blood flow, which in return induces  healthy hair follicle.
  • Relieves scalp irritation resulting in itchiness.
  • Dissolves unpleasant hair odors


  • Coil has been critically acclaimed by our consumers and is rapidly becoming our featured solution.
  • It is Considerably the most versatile solution in the NuDred product line
  • Coil it Can be used as a daily moisturizer.
  • Can be used for wash and goes by using the racking or shingling method.
  • Can be used as a styling solution for twist outs, Bantu knots, flat twists and so forth.
  • Will coat the hair strands which will in turn provide maximum hydration, lasting sheen, and softness at the touch.
  • Will clump hair stands together allowing lesser frizz and evident curl definition.
  • Will create Voluminous hair, to give a fuller final look.


For those who need help with holding moisture in. It has those same base products, however we added Honey Bush Leaf Extract to lock in moisture and Aloe Leaf Juice to soften and give their hair a nice sheen.


  • Concentrated and potent, thus only needing a small amount.
  • Emulates the consistency of beeswax, but is a blend of essential oils.
  • Great to use as a finishing solution when styling your hair using the NuDred Curl Sponge or when brushing for wave definition and ultimate sheen and giving your coils a crispier and more defines look.
  • It provides hold without being messy and hard.
  • Advised for hair types that have a very soft/fine texture that may require more hold to maintain curl separation and definition.
  • Excellent use for tightening locks when using the conventional palm rolling method and great moisturizer.
  • Recommended for Curly texture or combine it by applying it on the NuDred Curl Sponge with any of our solution of your choice for more define coils.


  • Used to disinfect the NuDred Curl Sponge.
  • Suggested to spray the NuDred Curl Sponge every other per how frequently the NuDred Curl Sponge is used.
  • Strongly recommended to spray the NuDred Curl Sponge after every customer application if the NuDred Curl Sponge is used as a provided service.


  • Does not contain Sulfur
  • A good detaining shampoo (advise finger detaining).
  • Ingredients allows for scalp to be thoroughly cleaned, thus permitting pores to be easily penetrable by nourishing products such as our


CONDITION I.T works to moisturize and condition your hair while helping to repair damaged split-ends. Use CONDTION I.T. following our SHAMPOO I.T. to ensure you replenish your hair natural oils.



The Super Starter Kit (Moisturize I.T.) is for you, If your hair is really soft or fine, get a jar of Hydrate I.T. to assist!


Moisturize I.T. Starter Kit, on shorter hair use the Red NuDred with big holes for looser coils for curls nevertheless, your texture plays a big role in the outcome of your curls.


The Lock I.T. Kit in addition with Shampoo I.T. and Rejuvenate I.T. for when it’s time to clean and condition your new locks.


The Super Starter Kit (Twist I.T.) for sure!


The Big Deal (Twist I.T.) also include a bottle of Moisturize I.T.


Although NuDred was invented in 2004, it took many years for people to embrace the idea that this wonderful tool could curl, coil, twist, and lock their hair. Everyone was quite resistant to letting go utilizing their fingers and a comb to get the outcome NuDred could do in minutes. Needless to say this was and still is a major breakthrough.

The creation of NuDred totally revolutionize ethnic hair care. This trend has left a mark on the WORLD that is here to stay. NuDred is truly the real deal and the “Original Hair Sculpting Tool” which is the title given on the patent.

NuDred is beyond a tool; It’s a Lifestyle. The acronym Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving, Daily, is totally in alignment with the MISSION: To Inspire greatness, creativity, health, gratitude, and love for self and others. The focus is to continue to expand with high quality products and services assisting in those endeavors.

One of the great things that we have experience on our business path is a healthy growing relationship with our manufacturer. We feel very blessed having the same company from day one manufacturing NuDred. They have witness our growth from making the first sample NuDred in 2004 to being an international brand as well as being on the shelves of Sally’s and Target. In turn we have watched their amazing growth from one company to a continuous project with Boeing Jet and now their recent purchase of a third company. Boeing knew where to get quality products and contacted them. With that being said we know that we are in the right place with a US company that will only deliver quality products for NuDred.

One of our weekly responsibilities is delivering products to “The Light House for the Blind”. They hire visually impaired employees, that package and fulfilling our orders. We actually look forward to going there because the energy is awesome. The staff is amazing, they are very professional as well as down to earth.

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