About Nu-You Technologies

After the invention of NUDRED in 2004, we have come a long way. We are witnessing the Natural Hair Movement explode and feel very fortunate to be in the midst of it all. NUDRED is here to stay and we will be providing our customers with efficient and effective means for styling their hair, while inspiring healthier actions for hair and life style.

The Big Chop is about transpiring people to not only remove harmful chemicals from their hair, but out of their lives too. Black Natural Hair Care is a movement to improve the community. By uplifting the community, there is a positive effect on the world. There is a beautiful message when you see one with an afro, nappy, twisted, locked or any of the various natural styles. Simply saying I am embracing my true power – love for myself. Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving Daily — that’s NUDRED.


NUDRED more that hair it’s a LIFESTYLE!!!

U.S. Patent Number US 7198050 B2